Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt,  Göttingen
Windkanal I and II in 1920
AVA in 1945
Windkanal I
Propeller for Windkanal I
Windkanal VI
Ludwig Prandtl
4/2 1875 - 15/8 1953
Founder of the AVA
Albert Betz
25/12 1885 - 16/4 1968
Manager from 1937 - 1957
AVA with Haus 1 and the Haus 2 to the right
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut for research in flow (Haus 3), to the left the AVA (Haus 1) , to the right behind the Propeller laboratories (Haus 4) and between the Haus 2
Modell of the Zeppelin-Staaken E4/20 in the Windkanal 1 1919
AVA design for de-icing 1937
Turbine-blades for an 8 stage axial turbine made in the workshop of the AVA in 1940. To be used by the Junkers
The outlet shroud Windkanal VI
First model with a small electric engine in the fuselage driving the propeller
Die AVA, by Julius C. Rotta. Luftfahrt International Dec. 1982