A.V.I.A. FL. 3
A.V.I.A. FL. 3 2/JG 107  at Tappica, Hungary April 1944
A.V.I.A. FL. 3 DQ+MF
Croatian A.V.I.A. FL. 3
Engine installation with 1 CNA D/IVS
The prototype first flew in 1938, powered by a Czech 45hp Persy II engine and the new plane fulfilled the specifications issued by the Italian Air Ministry for a low cost aircraft to be used in Italian Aero Clubs. Series productions began shortly afterwards but using the new 60hp CNA D/IVS engine. The Air Ministry then selected the aircraft (now know as the FL.3) as an "ab inito" trainer for the Regia Aeronautica. In all 355 FL.3 were built of which 20 were ordered by the Croatian Air Force. During the WWII the German seized 250 FL.3 and used them as training and comunications aircraft