Blohm und Voss BV 144

BV 144 Data

Type Fast passengerplane , crew 3 , passenger 18
Engine 2 BMW 801MA 2 x 1560 hp at start and 2 x 1310 hp cont. power
Dimensions Span 26.90 m, Length 21.90 m, Height 5.10 m, Gauge 8.57 m, Wingarea 89.40 m2
Weights Empty 9910 kg, Load 4190 kg, Take-off weight 14100 kg, Wingloading 157 kg/m2, Powerloading 4.5 kg/hp
Prestanda Max. speed 460 km/h at 4000 m, Cruising speed 410 km/h at 4000 m, Climb 8.3 m/s at sea level, Landingspeed 118 km/h, Required startlength to 20 m 500 m, Time to 2000 m 4.5 min, to 8000 m 31.5 min, Service ceiling 8600 m, Range 1550 km
This plane was designed as a successor  to the Ju 52/3m in the civil traffic after the war. The project started in 1940 and was reworked in winter 1940/41. This new concept was accepted by the Lufthansa. Blohm und Voss got a contract for two prototypes.Because of the war situation,  the design work was made mostly by french engineers in Hamburg.The construction of the the two aircraft was made in France by the Sociéte Louis Breguet in Anglet at Bayonne. The first machine was ready in 1944. It got french registration and was transported by road to Toulouse. Because of the war situation all testing was cancelled and both prototypes were scrapped
Source: Flug Revue Dec. 1974, H Redemann
               German Aircraft of the second WW,  Smith, Kay, Creek