Do Wal in Denmark
Type WerkNr. Registration History
Do J II  10 t-Wal 297 50 Former Lufthansa D-AFAR delivered to Copenhagen 26/4 1938.Named "Perssuak" Planned to be used at Greenland. After the occupation in 1940 it was stored at Holmen. The resistance destroyed it 1943

Bought by the Danish government to be used in an Arctis expedition. Under the leadership of the Danish Professor Dr. Lauge-Koch the depot ship "Gustav Holm" was stationed at Kingsbay, Spitzbergen. On 15th of May the Wal started to look for the "Fata Morgana"-islands. The result was negativ, these islands did not exist. The aircraft was later used by the Danish Navy.

Source : Flugzeug 4/94 (Manfred Griehl and M. Müller)