Dornier Do T
Type WerkNr. Registration History

Special  design of passenger cabin :Toilet and a baggage hold in the rear. One standing and one hanging litter  on the starboard side, seating for 4 persons and a seat for a nurse on the port side + a medcine chest . The litters and seats were protected against shocks by elastic cables and rubber buffers. The litters were rolled in on a guiding rail or lifted in laterally through a wide door folding upward. a normal door was on the port side.

Type (Komet III) (Komet III See)
Engine 1 Rolls-Royce Eagle IX 1 Rolls-Royce Eagle IX
Dimensions Length 12.4 m, height 3.5 m, span 19.6 m, wing area 62.0 m2 Length 13.3 m, height 4.7 m, span 19.6 m, wing area 62.0 m2
Weights   Empty 2400 kg, flying weight 3200 kg
Performance   Max. speed 160 km/h, service ceiling 2900 m
One Komet III and one Merkur converted to Air-Ambulance