Erla 6A
Type Werknr. Registration History
Erla 6A   D-YDEM Took part in the Light plane contest at Rangsdorf 13 - 17th October 1937. Flown successfully by over 100 pilots before the war, but this prevented further production.


Engine 1 Schliha air-cooled 2-cyl. boxer engine. Fixed 2-bladed prop.. Fuel capacity 20 l
Dimensions Length 6.70 m, span 12.30 m, wingarea 15.00 m2
Weights Empty 200 kg, flying weight 300 kg
Prestanda Max. speed at sea level 125 km/h, cruising speed 110 km/h, landing speed 45 km/h, climb 125 m/min, 9.0 m to 1000 m, range 280 km, service ceiling 3800 m
Erla 6A = Erla Me 06 (Designer : Ing. Mehr )
at the testing of lightplanes at Rangsdorf in oct. 1937
Left: Ing. Schlüpman designer of the engine
Right: Ing. Mehr designer of the plane
From Der Deutsche Sportflieger