I. International Glidingcompetion at Wasserkuppe in 1937
Colonel Perini Camillo , Head of team
Baranowsky, Polish recordkeeper with 333 km
Major Peterek, Longest distance 185 km
Mynarski, holder of the endurance record in Poland
PWS 101 ( Peterek, Mynarski )
Spyr III
Spalinger 18 T
Colonel v. Eccher ab Ecco, Head of team
v. Lerch
Emmy  v. Roretz
Condor II
Mrs Price  ( Joan Meakin before marriage)
King Kite
Heini Dittmar
Ludwig Hofmann
Kurt Schmidt
Wolfgang Späte
Hanna Reitsch
Fafnir Ii, Dittmar
Moazagotl, Hofmann
Minimoa, Späte
Mü 13, Schmidt
Reiher, Reitsch
First day  Sunday 4th July
First start at 10 a´clock  ( Kurt Schmidt ),  all had started before noon. In the afternoon came the news about very long cross-country flights , three pilots had reached Hamburg,  that is 351 km. Hanna Reitsch,  Mynarski and Heini Dittmar were the lucky ones. Reitsch set a new record for women, increased more than 100 km the old record hold by Eva Schmidt.
Mynarski improved the polish distance record from 333 km to 351 km. The germans needed 7.5 hours and Mynarski one hour more. After a long search for thermals did the two germans meet Mynarski over Eisenach, flew together after that. Difficult over Braunschweig but over the Lüneburger Heide there was a clud street leading to Hamburg. All arrived at a high altitude. Heini Dittmar reached 2142 m, unfortunately failed the barograph for Mynarski. Hofman (Germany) flew 278 km to Kallehne, Zabsky 204 km to Peine and Baranowsky 200 km to Braunschweig. Emmi von Roretz got a new national record with 194 km. The two other germans reached 118 km (Schmidt) to Sondershausen and 97 km (Späte) to Langensalza.
Day 2 - 4
Bad weather. . On Monday 12 starts, Tuesday 17 starts and on Wednesday 15 starts. No flights were qualifying for the contest . Min. 30 km distance, 500 m altitude and 2.5 hours flying time to count.
Results after 4 days
1. Dittmar                       371
2. Reitsch                       334
3. Mynarski                    301
4. Hofman                      286
5. Zabsky                       186
6. Emmi von Roretz      174
7. Sandmeier                168
8. Baranowsky              167
9. Schmidt                      94
10. Späte                       
11. Wills 
Day 5
Prize of the day was for endurance.
Four pilots took pasrt in this: Frena in a Rhönsperber, Murray in Falcon, Müller and Fiedler
The results. Frena 6 h 54 min, Fiedler 6 h 22 min, Müller 5 h 48 min, Murray 5 h 19 min.
Crosscountry flying: sandmeier with 202 km to Etzgersrieth, Späte  with 201 km to Tännesburg/Walden. Dittmar increased his lead with 189 km to Eibenstock, The Swiss  Bauer surprised with 152 km to Plauen.. Frena and Fiederl improved their position in the competition.
Day 6 Friday
Despite rather bad weather the results improved. Späte flew to Kolinetz in Czechoslovakia, 283 km.
Heini Dittmar teached Oschatz in Sachsen after 238 km and Schmidt got a higher ranking after a flight of 228 km to Stelin. hanna Reitsch 211 km to Auerbach in Erzgebirge and Hofmann 174 km to Heyersdorf.
Watt flew to Jena  ( 125 km ), and Wills landed in Kolleda  ( 120 km ). Best of the polish pilots  was Brzezina with 102 km to Vieselbach, Baranowsky had 97 km to Bruchstedt and Major Peterek  with 77 km to Gotha. The other pilots had the following results Sandmeier 143 km to Oberröbelingen,
Baur   54 km, Mynarski 51 km, Fiedler 95 km.
Day 7 Saturday
The first week ended with a phantastic performance by Dittmar who arrived  at 14.00 hour in aa aero tow from Sachsen, half an hour later started on the  hang . A front passage came and Dittmar was the only one who reached it over the high Rhön. The second front over the Thüringer Wald and the third over Meuselwitz close to Leipzig, total distance 178 km. nobody else scored this day
Results after first week
1. Dittmar      1014
2. Späte           715
3. Reitsch        571
4. Sandmeier 514.5
5. Hofmann     444
6. Schmidt      372.5
7. Mynarski     318
8. Baraniwsky 236.5
9. Zabsky        197
10. Watt           190
11. Baur          185
12. von Roretz 174
13. Fiedler        156
14. Wills            154.5
15. Godinat       106
16. Brzezina      81
17. Frena           77
18. Müller           59.85
19. Peterek       48.5
20. Murray         41.5
21. Neilan          7
Dittmar was the winner totally after the first week, Reitsch,Dittmar and Mynarski had the distance
Altitude had Späte with 2245 m and   Watt with 2330 m the best results
Endurance were Frena and Fiedler in lead.
Total distance flown
Germany 2825 km
Poland     1230 km
Switzerland  909 km
.England  372 km
Austria 326 km
The second week
First start at 10.30 and totally 31 starts this day.
The endurance part was won by Frena in the Rhönsperber with 10:02 hours, the english team Murray and Fox in their two-seater  9:48 hours and Baur third with  8:32 hours. Cross-country flying achieved even greayter performances:
Hofmann with Moazagotl 218 km to Regensburg
Sandmeier  197 km to Stulln
Schmidt 117 km to Kauernberg bei Kulmbach
Reitsch 115 km
Baranowsky 104 and Dittmar 102 km both reached Kronach.
Hofmann 300 km, Schmidt 271 km, Zabsky 265 km
Späte  265 km, Baranowsky 247 km, Brzezina 217 km
A good day for the swiss 183 km for Godinat, 132 km for Baur and Müller 147 km. Sandmeier made a big mistake, he planned for a triangle but was forced to land 12 km fromm Wasserkuppe - no points.
Watt reached 179 km , Wills landed in Bayreuth after 132 km and Mrs Price  had 97 km.
v. Lerch 155 km and Prachar got his Siver-C with 91 km. Closer and closer in the competion, Hofmann on the the forth place before Reitsch who did not start this day.
Hofmann was the only one over 100 km with 173 km, Reitsch  97 km, Schmidt 77 km, Baur 77 km, sandmeier  65 km. The polish team had a new member Szukiewics flew 64 km and Späte landed after 72 km
These results gave a new list
Dittmar 1405
Hofmann 1209.5
Späte 1069
Schmidt 795
Reitsch 784
sandmeier 779
Baranowsky 538.5
Baur 481.5
v. Roretz-Frena 442.9
Zabsky 434.5
Hiscox-Price 329
Mynarsky 318
Brzezina 255
Godinat 251
Wills 244.5
Murray 217.5
Müller 172.5
Fiedler-Schaffran 156.2
Steykal-Pracher 89.1
Total distance flown 10549 km
Only two starts , impossible to reach the thermals
The best day during the whole competition, 27 starts.
Baranowsky 300 km to Berlin, Schmidt 244 km, Zabsky 2121 km, Mynarski 205 km, Späte 189 km, Dittmar 187 km, Hofmann 166 km, Sandmeier 164 km, Watt 154 km, Baur 151 km, Reitsch 144 km, Lerch 124 km, Brezezina 99 km, Szukiewicz 90 km and Neila 73 km. No endurance flights were acounted for this day.
The final winner must be finalized the last day. It was nit the best flying conditions but the germans were first with Schmidt 129 km, Dittmar 126 km, Hofmann 124 km.  Mynarski 110 km, Baur 98 km and Späte 92 km. After a long waiting came a report from Reitsch 206 km. sandemeier reached 209 km . He kept his 4th place
This day was not counted for in the competition. A short cross-country flight with return to the landing field for motorplanes. Schmidt first, Reitsch second and Baranowsky third.
The end of the competition was celebrated at the Fliegerdenkmal on Wasserkuppe. The President von Grunau gave in his final speach his satisfaction of this first international competition.
In 280 starts were 14566 km flown and totally hwere the teams forced to travel 48000 km on german roads
Final results
1 Dittmar                     1662.5
2 Hofmann                   1427
3 Späte                       1325
4 Sandmeier              1127
5 Schmidt                   1116
6 Reitsch                    1104
7 Baranowsky             812.5
8 Zabsky                     730.5
9 Baur                          667
10 Mynarski                575.5
11 Frena-E. v. Roretz 442.9
12 Watt-Hiscox           440.5
13 Brezina                   311
14 Wills                        270.5
15 Godinat                  251
16 Murray                    217.25
17 v. Lerch                  208
18 Fiedler-Schaffran  176.2
19 Müller                      172.7
20 Peterek                  167.5
21 Neilan-Preice        127.3
22 Sdeyskal-Prachar   89.1
Longest flight: Mynarski, Reitsch, Dittmar
Altitude: Zapsky
Endurance: Frena
Price from Hermann Göring  : Hofmann
Price from General Milch . Späte
Price from NSFK : Sandemeier
Price from Aero-Clubs von Deutschland : Schmidt
Price from the german Luftfahrtindistri : Hanna Reitsch
The teams
Emmy v. Roretz and Frena , she sat a new record  with 194 km and he won the endurance competition
Watt with the typical english hat
Hofmann, Späte and Dittmar 
The english glider "Hjordis"
Wills and Hirth
Hanna Reitsch in her "Reiher"
DFS "Reiher"
Professor Georgii and the team leaders from England, Switzerland and Austria
The new polish design  PSW 101
The englishmen Fox and Murray with their two-seater
King Kite
Spalinger Sp 18T from Switzerland
The "Hjordis"
Moswey 2
Spalinger Sp 18T
Wolfgang von Grunau and Emy von Roretz