Focke-Wulf  F19 Ente
Type F 19 F 19a
Engine 2 Siemens Sh 11, 2-blades wooden "Astra" prop. made by Fa. Steininger & Co  2.45 m 2 Siemens Sh 14
Dimensions Span main wing 14.0 m, span nose wing 5.00 m,  length 10.50 m, wing area main wing 29.5 m2, nose wing 6.0 m2 Span main wing 14.0 m, span nose wing 5.20 m,  length 10.53 m, wing area main wing 29.5 m2, nose wing 6.2 m2,  height 4.15 m, span 14.0 m,
Weights Empty 1140 kg, flying weight 1590 kg, fuel  2 x 125 l, oil 2 x 12 l Empty 1175 kg, flying weight 1650 kg
Performance Max. speed 130 km/h, climb to 1000 m 12 min. (est.) Max. speed 140 km/h, cruising speed 128 km/h, landing speed 83 km/h, climb to 1000m 8.3 min.,service ceiling 3000 m


Type WerkNr. Registration History
F 19 35 None First flight in 2nd of sept. 1927, Crashed 29 sept. 1927 ,
Georg Wulf was killed
F 19a 35* D-1960, D-OBIR First flight in 25th of April 1930 with Edzard as pilot, testing continued until 27th of August 1930 when the permission for commercial use was granted.Registration 1st of September 1930.  Delivered to D.V.L. Made a demonstration tour to Denmark and Sweden in 1931. End of 1931 to Netherland, Belgium and UK.  Used at the DVL up to 1939. Part of the Deutsche  Luftfahrtsammlung in Berlin, destroyed in the bombing end of 1944.

* replacement for the first aircraft, same WerkNr.

Professor Focke and testpilot Edzard
F 19
F 19a
F 19a