Flugzeugbau Max Gerner
Frankfurter Flugfeld Rebstock  . After testing the Horax-engine in 1930  .Mitte: Fritz Kleemann, rechts neben ihm, Heinrich Michels und der Pilot. Der Motor hat seine Feuerprobe bestanden
Gerner G I in front of a Goliath
Flugzeugbau Max Gerner 1928 - 22/1 1934, from this day taken over by Adler Flugzeugbau with Max Gerner still working in the company. Because of the new order in germany Adler was forced to focus on transport and armoured vehicles. The new independant Flugzeugbau Max Gerner was to take part in the Luftwaffe rearmament. In 1935 the company came to an end.
The company was again registered in 12/12 1940 as Flugzeugbau Max Gerner GmbH. The company was going to make repairs on the following aircraft DFS 230, He 70 and Me 109 (Stammreparaturwerk). this work was done in 4 different workshops. in the end of 1040 1385 workers were employed.
Following aircraft was repaired

122 DFS 230
22 He 70
60 Me 109
1 Me 110
36 DFS 230
8 He 70
100 Me 109
40 Me 109 (Fuselage)
144 He 70
40 Me 109 (Fuselage)
Besides of this the company made components for the major aircraft producers. The workshops were bombed in March 1944 and the production had to be moved to other sites. The company was closed down in March 1945 when the Americans arrived.
Max Gerner 7/4 1900 - 24/3 1977
worked for Richard Dietrich 1922 - 1927.
Started his own company in 1928