Hübner Mücke
From 1909 - 1912 Dr. Hugo Hübner built several aircraft at his fathers brewery in Mannheim-Mosbach.
Biplane from 1911
Monoplane from 1911
Monoplane with central float in 1912
Monoplane Typ IV from  1912 (Preserved at Sinsheim)
To the left is a biplane built in 1935 with a KroeberM 4 engine (Preserved at Sinsheim)
Type WerkNr. Registration History
      First flight  in Nov. 1935


Type Single seat light sportplane
Engine 1 Kroeber M 4
Dimensions Length , height  2.25 m, span 10.04 m
Weights Flying weight  ~ 250 kg
Performance Max. speed 95 km/h