Messerschmitt M 19
Type WerkNr. Registration History
  31 D-1206 First flight in Aug. 1927, pilot Theo Croneiβ. Took part in the Sachsenflug 1927 (Pilot E. von Conta). Crashed on the last day of the competition, 4th of Sept.. In spite of this it ended on the second place.
  35 D-1221 Took part in the Sachsenflug 1927, pilot Theo Croneiβ. Won the competition. Crashed 8/8 1928, pilot Werner von Langsdorff, during landing at Augsburg


Type Single seat sportplane
Engine 1 Bristol Cherub
Dimensions Length 5.40 m, height 1.50 m, span 9.60 m, wingarea 7.90 m2
Weights Empty 140 kg, flying weight 340 kg
Performance Max. speed 145 km/h, cruising speed 120 km/h, service ceiling 850 m, range 850 km