Link to Dan Johnsons " Luft 46 "  Me 264
Messerschmitt Me 264
Source: Flugrevue Aug 1980, H. Redemann
               Warplanes of the third reich, W. Green
               Die Deutsche Luftrüstung, H. Nowarra

Me 264 V1 with Jumo 211J engines
Me 264 V1 with BMW 801G-2 engines from the beginning of 1944
Me 264 V1 with BMW 801G-2
Artist impression of the Me 264B

Messerschmitt Me 264

Type WerkNr. Stammkennzeichen History
V1   RE + EN Construction started at Metallbau Offingen/Ulm in 1941. Flow for the forst time in Dec. 1942.First with Junkers Jumo 211J-1 1425 hp with 3.63 m dia VS-11 propellers. Flew on 2. May 1944 with BMW 801G-2 engines. With a start weight of 22000 kg it reached a speed of 490 km/h at sea level (Pilot Karl Bauer). For a short time it was used by the Transportstaffel 5 . From august 1944 it should have been used as a testbed, see below. The plane was destroyed in an air raid at the end of the war.
V2     Had BMW 801G-2 engines with GM-1 injection and with armoured plates protecting critical parts. Totally destroyed in a bombing attack before the first flight in the end of 1943
V3     Armament see drawing. Engines 4 BMW 801G-2. Was equpped with 3 Rb 50/30 cameras . Up to 2000 kg bombload . Was the forerunner to Me 264A-0.Scrapped before finished because of the war situation beginning of 1944

Data for the planned Me 264A-0 ( V3 ) (Span for the V1 38.90 m other dimensions as below for the V1 and V2)

Type Long range bomber and reconnaissance aircraft with a crew of 6 - 8
Engines 4 BMW 801G-2 with 4 x 1700 hp at start and 4 x 1300 hp at 5300 m
Dimensions Span 43.00 m Length 20.92 m Height 4.85 m Gauge 8.30 m Wingarea 125 m2
Weights Empty 23360 kg Load 32640 kg Starting weight (overload) 56000 kg Wingload 448 kg/m2 Power load 8.23 kg/hp
Prestanda Max. speed 565 km/h at 8300 m with GM-1 injection Cruising speed 350 km/h Climb 4 m/s at sea level Take off run 2100 m Landing speed 160 km/h Max. range 13500 km , 15000 km (reconnaissance) Service ceiling 8500 m
Armament Bombload 2000 kg Weapons 1 MG 131 (1000 rounds) in A-Stand , 1 MG 131 (2000 rounds) in B1-Stand, 1 MG 151 (1000 rounds) in B2-Stand, 1 MgG 151 (1000 rounds) in C-Stand, 2 MG 131 (2000 rounds) in D-Stand


Planned versions and projects

A-0 see above
B 6-engined heavy bomber with a span of 47.50 m and a max. take-off weight of 83000 kg
  4 Daimler-Benz DB 603
  6 Daimler-Benz DB 603
  4 Junkers Jumo 213
  4 BMW 801E or G plus 2 Jumo 004 turbojets
  2 BMW 018 turbojets
  V1 with a steam turbine developed by Osermaschinen G.m.b.H (6000 hp at 6000 rpm) driving a prop dia 5.33 m at 400-500 rpm or a dia 1.98 m at 6000 rpm