Phoenix Meteor L1
Type WerkNr. Registration History
      Built 1927. Andreas Pöhlmann tried to fly it (He didn´t have a Pilots Licence) but crashed just after start. Minor damage but the financial situation did not admitt a repair. Pöhlmann left the company.


Type 2-seated sportplane
Engine 1 ABC
Dimensions Length 6.30 m, height 2.20 m, span 8.40 m, wingarea 18.00 m2, aspect ratio 3.95
Weights Empty 200 kg, fuel 40 kg, pilot 75 kg, load 85 kg, flying weight 400 kg, wing loading 22.2 kg/m2
Performance Max. speed at 1000 m  120 km/h, cruising speed at 1000 m 100 km/h, climb to 1000 m 14 min., service ceiling 4000 m, range 400 km, runway for take-off 60 m, for lamnding  50 m, landing speed 50 km/h