Potez 63 series

Many Potez 63.ll were to be acquired by the Luftwaffe after the defeat of France, however, as deliveries of this aircraft had exceeded the ability of the Armée de l'Air to absorb them and, in consequence, a substantial number that had been awaiting collection by ferry pilots -80 reportedly at Meaulte alone - fell into the hands of the Wehrmacht in pristine condition, these being taken on charge by the Luftwaffe for training and liaison tasks. The assembly line at Les Mureaux was to be reactivated during the following year when a further 120 Potez 63.11 were to be assembled for the Luftwaffe from existing components.

With the seizure of the unoccupied zone of France late in November 1942, , the remaining Potez 63.11s being sequestered, together with those found in the Bases de Stockage. The Luftwaffe thus acquired 134 of the Potez twins - comprising a mix of Potez 631s, 633s, 637s and 63.11s

As late as February 1944, a Typhoon of No 198 Sqn flown by Lt Col Lallemant destroyed two Luftwaffe Potez 63.lls over the Cambrai-Arras area

Published with the permission of Thomas Genth