Rohrbach Ro II
Type WerkNr. Registration History
Ro II            R 1  


1   First flight  11th of November 1923 (Pilot Werner Landmann). Used for FAI-records in speed/load category on the 24th of October 1924. Bought by the Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha Ltd. and after trials delivered to Japan, known as the Yokosho Experimental Type R 1. Used by the Japanese naval aviation for trials.


Type 4 seat reconnaissance and bomber flying boat with a crew of 4 (Gunner, pilot, mechanic, radio-operator)
Engine 2 Rolls-Royce Eagle IX
Dimensions Length 16.50 m, height 5.00 , span 27.00 m, wing area 73.40 m2
Weights Empty 3700 kg, load 2000 kg, flying weight 5700 kg
Performance Max. speed 165 km/h, landing speed 110 km/h, service ceiling 3000 m