Rohrbach Ro VI  = Beardmore Inflexible
Type WerkNr. Registration History
    J 7557                   9  Built by William Beardmore & Co, drawings provide from Rohrbach. First flight 5th of March 1928. After testing it was dismanteled in 1930. Parts of it were used for corrosion tests.


Type Night bomber
Engine 3 Rolls-Royce Condor IIIa with 2-bladed wooden propellers
Dimensions Length 22.9 m, span 47.9 m, wingarea 182.8 m2, aspect ratio 12.6
Weights Empty 11022 kg, load 5758 kg, flying weight 16780 kg
Performance Max. speed 180 km/h at sea level, cruising speed 160 km/h, landing speed 102 km/h, climb 12 min. to 1000 m, service ceiling 3800 m, range 1600 km