Rohrbach Ro XI "Rostra"
Type WerkNr. Registration History
      First flight 30th of October 1928. Parts from the Robbe II were used. Tested but the engines were not powerfull enough for the intended role as a trans atlantic mailcarrier


Type 3 + 5 seat flying boat intended to be used as a mail carrier cross the ocean
Engine 2 Gnôme-Rhône Jupiter VI
Dimensions Length 15.60 m, height 6.30 m, span 26.90 m, wingarea 77.00 m2
Weights Empty 4340 kg, load 4060 kg, payload 1250 kg, flying weight 8400 kg
Performance Max. speed 213 km/h, cruising speed 158 km/h, landing speed 118 km/h, range 2370 km, service ceiling 3000 m