Rohrbach X "Romar"
Type WerkNr. Registration History
Romar I 29 D-1693 "Hamburg". First flight 7th of Aug.1928 at Travemünde (Pilot Hermann Steindorff) After 40 flights, of these 4 with a flying weight over 18000 kg, the testing was finished on 30th of May..Delivered to the Lufthansa 22nd of July 1929. Damaged during a start on the 18th of  November 1929, crew unhurt but the aircraft was not repaired.Stored in Berlin until scrapped 1933
Romar I 30 D-1734 "Bremen".First flight tth of April 1929.After 21 flights delivered to the Lufthansa  Used by the Lufthansa in the Baltic in 1929. Crashed 10th of September 1929and sunk in the Baltic, the crew and passengers survived. Salvaged but not repaired, scrapped 1933
Romar I 31 D-1747 "Lübeck". First flight 1st of Aug. 1929.Delivered to the Lufthansa on 13/10 1029.  Used by the Lufthansa during 1929. Rebuilt in 1930, engines changed. After testing  stored in that year and scrapped 1933
Romar II 62 F-AKEM First flight 4/3 1931. Delivered to France 1/4 1931


Type 4 + 12 seat flying boat (Romar I) 4  seat freight carrying flying boat   Romar II)
Engine 3 BMW VIU with Ĝ 4.5 m propellers 3 BMW VIaU with Farman gearbox
Dimensions Length 22.55 m, height 8.47 m, span 36.90 m, wingarea 170.00 m2 Length 22.55 m, height 8.47 m, span 36.90 m, wingarea 170.00 m2
Weights Empty 11080 kg, load 8420 kg, paying load 925 kg, flying weight 19500 kg Empty 11620 kg, fuel 6160 kg, oil 360, crew 320 kg,, paying load 1240 kg, flying weight 19700 kg
Performance Max. speed 206 km/h, cruising speed 173 km/h, landing speed 106 km/h, range 4000 km, service ceiling 2600 m Max. speed 228 km/h at sea level, cruising speed 209 km/h at sea level, climb 4.06 m7sec., service ceiling 2800 m, range 4066 km
Romar I with the old fin
Romar II
4 engined project