Siebel Si 202 Hummel

The Si 202 Hummel (Bumble Bee) was a side-by-side two-seat light cabin monoplane designed by Friedrich Fecher of the Siebel Flugzeugwerke KG of Halle, the first prototype, the Si 202 V1 (D-ESFH) commencing its flight test programme in May 1938 with a 59 hp Salmson AD 9b nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engine, this and the Si 202 V4 (D-EHCB) which was similarly powered serving as prototypes for the Si 202A production model. The Si 202 V3 (D-EKDQ) was powered by a 62 hp Walter Mikron II four-cylinder inline air-cooled engine, but the principal version was the Si 202B with a 55 hp Zundapp 9-092 four-cylinder inline air-cooled engine, prototypes of this model including the Vl1 (D-EEJD), V12 (D-ERHN) and V13 (D-EFLC). Yet a further version was the Si 202C with a 60 hp Hirth HM 515 engine.

The Si 202 was entirely of wooden construction with a single-spar plywood-and fabric-covered wing, a plywood-covered fuselage, plywood-covered ailerons, fin and tail-plane, and fabric-covered rudder and elevator. The cabin seated two persons side-by-side with central control column and dual rudder pedals. The fuel tank in the fuselage behind the fireproof bulkhead was of 45 l capacity. Twenty-five Si 202s were delivered during the course of 1939 and a further 41 had been manufactured when production terminated in March 1941. The Zündapp-powered Si 202B weighed 320 kg empty and 550 kg loaded, and performance included a max speed of 160 km/h, a cruising speed of 140 km/h and a range of 500 km. An altitude of 1000 m was attained in 9.5 min, and service ceiling was 3 000 m. Overall dimensions included a span of i 10,63 m, a length of 6,38 m, a height of 1,94 m, and a wing area of 14,0 m2


Si 202 V3
Si 202B
First prototype
Si 202C

Technical Specification

Type A B C V3
Engine 1 Salmson AD-9 1 Zündapp Z  9-092 with a fixed prop. Ř 1.90 m. Fuel 45 l, oil 5 l 1 Hirth HM 515 with a fixed prop. Ř 1.80 m. Fuel 80 l,oil 5 l 1 Walter Mikron II
Dimensions Span 10.5 m, length 6.40 m, height 1.85 m, wingarea 14.00 m2, , Max. loadfactor  (P3) 5.70 g, (S4) 7.20 g Span 10.6 m, length 6.50 m, height 1.85 m, wingarea 14.00 m2, wingloading 39.25 kg/m2, Max. loadfactor  (P3) 5.70 g, (S4) 7.20 g  
Weights Empty 300 kg, flying weight 520 kg Empty 320  kg, flying weight 550 kg Empty 355 kg, flying weight 620 kg  
Performance Max. speed 155 km/h, cruising speed 140 km/h, 8.5 min to 1000 m Max. speed 160 km/h, cruising speed 140 km/h, landing speed 72 km/h, required startfield  250 m, landingfield 170 m, service ceiling 2300 m, range 500 km, climb 120 m/min., 10 min to 1000 m Max. speed 180 km/h, cruising speed 150 km/h, climb 126 m/min, 9 min. to 1000 m, range 800 km  
D-EMDR used for altitude records, to the right record pilot Cristoph Hilliger