Weserflug We 271
Type WerkNr. Registration History
V1   D-ORBE First flight 26/6 1939 (Pilot Gerhard Hubrich), toal 5 flights this day. Two days later the first from the see. Another 19 flights before the Sept. 1939. Modified to protect the propellers from water, the floats and the fuselage were equipped with deflectors. After more than 60 flights, the aircraft was given to the Erprobungsstelle See at Travemünde 175 1942


Type 4-seat flying boat and amphibie
Engine 2 Argus as 10E
Dimensions Length (waterline) 7.00 m, span 15.20 m, wheelbase 4.50 m, wing area 27.3 m2
Weights Empty 2304 kg,  load 596 kg, flying weight  2900 kg
Performance Max. speed  233 km/h, climb at sea level 4.0 m7sec., to 1000 m 4.8 min., landing speed 115 km/h, service ceiling 3400 m, requred distance for take off ~ 900 m