Albatros L 74
Type Two seat reconnaissance aircraft
Engine 1 BMW IVa
Dimensions Length 8.10 m, height 3.79 m, span 11.3 m, wingarea 33 m2
Weights Empty 1250 kg, crew 160 kg, flying weight 1750 kg
Performance Max. speed at sea level 175 km7h, climb to 2000 m 13 min., cruising speed 160 km/h, landing speed 99 km/h, range 1500 km, service ceiling 3400 m
Armament 1 fixed MG firing through the prop.arc, 1 MG movable at the observers position. FT and hand held camera
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
  10096 D-1110 DVS GmbH, in Aug. 1928 to DVL, in Sept. 1928 to DVS GmbH, in July 1930 to Deutsche Luftfahrt GmbH. Tested at Lipezk. Armament installed during these tests