FS 3 "Besenstielkiste"
Contest Rhön 1922 - Schulz in his glider FS3 with which he establishes in May 11, 1924 the world record with a time of 8:49  minutes and 9 seconds.
Contest Rhön 1922 - Launch of Schultz. Note the ailerons were functioning very specific. The ailerons swivel at the wing tips along the whole wing

Built for the competition at the Wasserkuppe 1922, this glider was not  accepted by the organizers because it seemed too fragile. Schultz set a record for more  than 8 hours on the dunes at  Rossiten (on the North Sea, East Prussia)
Construction : Wood and fabric, the fuselage built with very light beams

Single seat glider. Profile Joukowski
Length 4,8 m span 12,5 m wingarea 16 m2 aspect ratio 9,8
Empty 47,3 kg flying weight 123 kg wingload 7,2 kg/m2