Hannover "Moritz"
Span 14 m, wing area 14 m2
Empty 116 kg, wing load 12 kg/m2
Designed by George Madelung. A copy of the Vampyr with the long span wings and aileron controls. Marten won
the 1925 competition flying the Moritz and went on to set a new duration record in the Crimea that year by flying for
over 12 hours.
"It was quite similar to the Vampyr. It had a square section fuselage, covered with plywood to make a box enclosing the cockpit. The landingskid was made up of three balloons mounted on axles. The cantilever wing was a section thick at the root tapering to the tip. The leading edge was a closed  D-box made of plywood and the rest of the area was covered with fabric. The trailing edge was different from that of the Vampyr, lateral stabilization being obtained by long, narrow wings. The pilot was sitting just below the leading edge of the wing. "