Mü 17 "Merle"
Single seat glider
Length 7,5 m, height 1,06 m, span 15 m, wing area 13,3 m2, aspect ratio 16,9, wing chord 1,3 m, chord at tip 0,46 m, mean chord 0,88 m, front area 0,45,
stabilizer 1,48 m2, elevator 0,6 m2 m2, fin 1,02 m2, rudder 0,94 m2
Empty 157,7 kg, flying weight 300 kg, wingload 22,6 kg/m2
Max. speed 200 km/h, landing speed  26 to 75 km/h, lowest sink  0,64 m/sec. at 58 km/h, gliding ratio 26 at 75 km/h
The Mü17 "Merle" also known as "Aerostar" and "Kleidebüge" is the oldest sailplane still flown by the Akaflieger today. Wingprofile Mü. It was designed for the Olympics 1940. It took part in the construction competition proclaimed by the ISTUS. Two prototypes were built. Simpliness in erecting the plane for instance it had automatic coupling of the ailerons and flaps. The second prototype took part in the evaluation in Rome but was placed second after the DFS Olympia-Meise. Sixty of this design was built, some with retractable landing gear. No one survived WW 2.  One was built in 1961 and used by the Akaflieger for training. Designer KARCH, Ludwig