Trommer-Michael TM 4a "Silbermöwe"
Type Single seat sportplane
Engine 1 Kroeber M-4 with a 2-bladed Heine propeller
Dimensions Length , height , span 13,60 m
Weights Max. flying weight 330 kg (Incl. fireextinguisher and parachute)
Performance Max. speed 120 km/h, landing speed 60 km/h, take off 100 m, landing 60 m
Type Werk.Nr Registration History
First flight 1938, tested a new wing construction
It was manufactured at Markranstädt, near Leipzig. It had a tiny engine, a Kroeber M-4 of only 18 hp, powering a Heine two bladed propellor. However it had only to lift a maximum all up weight of 330 kg (which included an extinguisher and parachute!). But despite this, it could achieve 120 km/hr in the air. It landed at 60 km/hr but almost on a postage stamp, its take off run being only 100 m and its landing run being even less at 60 m.