Dewoitine D.376
Some examples of Dewoitine 373 and 376 parasol planes were still in service in Naval Aviation in 1940. Several D-376 were seized at Querqueville where they received black crosses, as well as various other planes found on the spot, to serve as a decoy.. Some time later, they were piled on the beach with a bulldozer to be scrap.
Type Single seat fighter
Engine Gnome-Rhône 14Kfs Mistral Major  driving a three-blade variable-pitch metal Type Gnome-Rhône 1070 propeller.
Dimensions Length 7,44 m , height 3,42 m ,  span  11,23 m, wing area  17,80 m2 ,
Weights Empty 1610 kg, loaded 1970 kg , max. take off weight  , wing loading 110,674 kg/m2
Performance Max.. speed 388 km/h , cruising speed 285 km/h , range 700 km ,  service ceiling  10000 m , climb 3,5 min. to 3000 m
Armament Four fixed forward-firing 7,5 mm Darne machine-guns within the wing. Bomb load:  four 25 kg  .